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Linger, You will be Enchanted

Vittoria Guglielmi



Welcome to You who have entered my Inner World, where listening to Your Emotionality, giving It Words, writing Them wherever is possible reading Them, it’s my vital and daily exercise.

I would like to show and tell You, through my feeling, my vision of Life and Human Beings, in the simplest and most natural way I know, giving You my writings, my Poems, my Aphorisms and my Novels.

I own just few convictions due to my fickle nature but I keep close some of them and I would like to share them with You, my Precious Reader, since they are the Sense of what I am and probably also the reason why I exist…

…getting closer to our Emotions is the first Gesture of Love and Care towards Ourselves, since only by intimately knowing our Being, we’ll be able to cultivate our Soul, to heal it if necessary and to enrich It with Beauty.
…as Brave as Loyal is the one who will be able to stop, engaging in the search for Truth, for the Absolute Good, for Respect for oneself and for Others, in the awareness that the Others are us and that, for this reason, there’s an Universal Language, Silent and Gentle, which is called Emotionality.

My Message


Vittoria Guglielmi, author. Credit Photo: ART VISION Digital Agency

“Linger, You’ll Be Enchanted” ® is my Aphorism that expresses the need of our Civilisation to stop and remove the veil from the Light.

The veil represents the “to do” without breath, the frantic pursuit “to have”, the ostentation of an artificial and false happiness, the unconscious running away from our Intimacy, the deafness towards our Inner Voice that tries to attract us towards our Nature, towards the Sense of the the reason why we are in the World.


Presentation at the Anglican Church, Bordighera.

My existential Message is therefore kept in one Word, “Linger” ®, which is followed by “You will be Enchanted” ® and from there an immense Energy of reflections and Beauty will surprise every Being ready to listen and to listen to oneself, to observe and observe oneself, reading my Poetry, as in front of a single Pictorial Work that identifies a single Painter, like a single Sunflower smiling at His Van Gogh.

Linger is the opposite Gesture to moving away from oneself and from the Truth.


Are we ready to stop? To linger? To Enchant us? To Observe silently? To listen and to Feel our Emotions, to read the Words that express it? I smile convinced We Are.

Today is the time to remove the veil from the Light that our Civilisation needs, sharing and spreading the value of the Interior, reading It on my Books, to be held in Your hands as a revolutionary spiritual guide, making a Gesture as Ancient as it is Futuristic.

Who I Am


I was born in Liguria, Land of Sea and Wind, both entered in my Veins and in my Thoughts, in each of their sudden, surprising, majestic changes, Land of Olive Trees that tell, in each of Their different inclinations towards the Sun and the Sky, Their own Unique Story, Their own efforts, Olive Trees of generous Fruits in exchange for hard work, land of Sun and Light, too much Sun and too much Light, so vital and sincere, Land of Nostalgia in the Days without Sun and without Light, in the dark and silent ones, so severe and Enlightening.
Here I am, the fruit of all this and I thank Heaven for all the Efforts and Beauty of being reborn every day rooted and different.

Gift from Giada, Cavour Institute of Nervia, Ventimiglia
Meeting with pupils from the Cavour Institute in Nervia, Ventimiglia

I lived a beautiful, simple childhood, with two parents and one brother loving and attentive, Beings of many ideas and projects, between the daily commitment to build a harmonious Present, even if not always easy, and the desire to improve oneself by discovering different attitudes in us, in order to bring new Energies into our Future.

I am the mother of two splendid Human Beings, two Daughters rich in Heart and Reason, the Gifts I have always desired, since I can remember.


My sea

Writing has been a private Passion since childhood and also the Dream of living by writing but only in 2014 I expressed my Passion, publishing my first Novel “NEVER TOO MUCH LIGHT AGAIN” later, in 2016, I published the first collection of 102 Poems “POEMS” and in 2021 the first collection of Aphorisms “THE ESSENTIAL”.

I recorded with some friends, Singers and Musicians, some of my Lyrics, another Dream come true which I never stop giving Energy and concreteness to.

In 2017 the continuous research of my Nature, of my Attitudes, of what I love most, of Beauty, of Harmony, of the Light of Truth, of the expression of Emotions through the power of Words, pushed me to create a brand called POESIADDOSSO⭐️, through which I write, with paint and brush, my Aphorisms and my Poems directly on clothing, accessories, objects and furniture, Words printed as Stars Messengers of Beauty.


Perinaldo, my hometown.

Writing is for me an unstoppable and indispensable daily Exercise, my Work, my Effort, my Mission, my Being, in the noblest sense of these terms and I am the most grateful servant of this wonderful Artistic Expression.

Vittoria Guglielmi

My Books

Never Too Much Light Again

NEVER TOO MUCH LIGHT AGAIN is a story in two voices, those of two Women who share the same name, Azzurra, and who meet by letting their solitudes merge in order to draw strength from them and learn from each other to face Life in a new way.

In their dialogues, inspired by female complicity, important themes emerge related to self-discovery, motherhood, the search for Love and independence, without ever denying their own Nature.

So, in the course of this special Friendship, the one will learn to open up to the new experiences that await her, offering herself to what she has always put off out of fear, the other will be able to discover herself fragile again, in need of love, despite the aura of complete happiness she has been able to build around herself.

The Essential – Aphorisms

The Author strongly believes in the power of the Word; the one that was born, by her own admission, from a private Passion and has turned over time into a beautiful necessity, a way to learn to feel good about herself but also about others, given the decision to share these creations of hers. She feels, and she’s fully aware of this, that the support that comes from written communication, above all, also a consequence of a good relationship with one’s Inner world, is something unique and indispensable, capable of freeing the most essential and at the same time dynamic parts of our Being.


This is a book of poetry, indeed of poetry. It is the soft cry of one normal yet beautiful woman, of a troubled yet serene life and a love life again not easy and still, serene. Two little girls and a cascade of sensations, of love and sensuality, imbued with a romantic femininity but not boring; from a capacity of observation and non common introspection. Isn’t it enough? Read it…”

Mario Molinari


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